Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Past few Days........

This weekend O.D. had a basketball tourney @ Carson Newman College. She plays for the East TN Air 11U. They came in first place and beat each team by at least 30 points. So, my weekend was spent in Jefferson City, TN. She did well and got to play a lot!! Mommy was proud!

Monday was boring, didn't feel well, went to bed EARLY..
Today was pretty good.....laughed a lot with friends @ work, went out to eat, had a margarita, been drinking beer since.......
Peace at last!!!!!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Educational Budgets Cuts....WTF????

Our county school board is several million in the red.
Tonight there is a huge board meeting to start hashing things out on what to cut..."a working session".
We have heard a lot of rumors.....but today some are ringing true. Teaching assistants, nurses, and other important educators could lose their jobs. We could lose 6 nurses countywide. Most of our schools are at least 15 minutes from local hospital and towns.....that means a 15 min. trip for an ambulance to even arrive at the school.
I have turned in my thoughts and concerns to our principal. I wonder if I should send them to the Director of Schools?? Should I? Would he listen or even care?? We vote in billions and billions of dollars for parks, roads and other projects?? What about the education of American children??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Introduction....Of Sorts

I have been married to my first husband for almost 16 years. We have 3 kids and live on a small farm. I work at a local elementary school as the front office secretary, receptionist, and bookkeeper. My other duties include nose blowing, shoe tying, and any thing else that a 5-11 year old would need.
I love to read and my taste of books vary greatly, from biographies to junk. Not so much sci-fy or murder mysteries. I also am an avid watcher of paranormal tv series....Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, and Physic Kids. I also like Billy the Exterminator, Gene Simmons Family Jewels and the Food Network.
I have 3 kids. Oldest Daughter plays tennis, basketball, and runs track @ the local middle school. This is her first year there and believe you me there is ALOT of drama, but she is an straight A student and is pretty well behaved.....I am just hanging on for the ride.
Middle child is also a girl. I call her my conscience, she is soooo moral it drives me nuts. She has a hard time finding her space and what she wants to do.....she will go to middle school next year.
Youngest is a boy.....and ohh what a boy he is.....he is our comedian. He is well behaved but just full of energy and fun!!! He drives his sisters CRAZY!!
My mother is a new widow and lives alone in southern California. She has no friends and no help out there, I am her main helper...3,000 miles away...you will certainly hear more on this.
My sister has recently pissed me off in a severe way.....I believe I will do a post just on her.....later.
Thats me in a nut shell...oh yea...I call my husband ASS, so I will shorten it to "A". Just so you know......:) Later Gators