Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where Can I Begin???

Let's just say I have had some fun filled days....

Thursday: M had her first JV basketball game and she did well. I am so proud of her and her efforts.

Saturday: M had her first boy/girl party. We had told her that if she made the basketball team, she could have some friends over. Let's just say that it was more of a couples thing. I was unaware of the plotting & planning that had gone into the invites. You know I should have guessed. I had better get in the game cause the teen years are fast approaching!! I am going to be on her like stink on shizzleit. ha ha

Sunday: Took the kids Trick or Treating. We went to my sister in laws subdivision. I turned the kids loose and sat with SIS to hand out candy. She is a librarian and doesn't have any children, so she ran out of candy. She usually hands out bookmarks/erasers, but her hubby bought candy this year! Well, I called my daughter to bring us her candy, so that we could re-treat. I had the bright idea to open the erasers as they were in packs of 4 and hand out just 1 eraser to the older kids(kids that should not be T & T anyway, mine included. She did surrender her candy though). These preppy high school girls come to T&T, so I do my thing with the 1 eraser and she girls says "Did you just NOT put something in my bag?????" OMG, I just about flipped out. She was probably 15 years old, WTF???? I was laughing my ass off!!! 


  1. Lmao...I would have reached in there and taken it right back out and said "I did now!!" Haha!

  2. Once you turn thirTEEN you shouldn't be going T&Ting