Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Am Random...At Best..

1. Please share one memory of your high school graduation. Pics would be great!
 I remember my best friend getting a dozen roses from her parents and being amazed that parents did that type of thing for their kids. I just didn't think graduation was THAT big of a deal, but then my parents never bought me flowers for anything.

2. What is one "emergency use" item you keep in your vehicle at all times?   I keep a 5 gallon paint stick (free from Lowe's Home Improvement) to threaten my kids with. I DO NOT spank them with it. After that its pretty much the basics, flashlight, chairs, coolers, feminine products, etc...

3. In your region, do you celebrate graduation open houses? Addendum: (If so,) how many open houses/bridal showers/weddings are on your upcoming events calendar? I don't even know what a graduation open house I have no upcoming events...A few baby showers but no weddings as of yet....I don't think any of hubbies relatives are

4. Tell me one truth you believe about motherhood.
You have to make decisions that are best for YOUR family. You will get a lot of advice (good or bad). You have to stand up for your family and the decisions you all make. If someone disagrees with it...It's none of their business anyway!

5. What was the last thing you broke? A very pretty Tuscan olive jar at my Mom's house. I always break something there..It's a standing joke.

6. On average, how many pieces of junk mail do you receive daily? 2-3 I think, I just trash it!!

7. Do you like to shop by catalog? I like to look through catalogs A LOT, but I always order online. I always look through every catalog I receive through the mail..

8. Is lawn maintenance at your house a "his job," a "her job" or "his/her job" or "that's why we have teenagers" job? It's my job. I love working in the yard. I love to mow. Its very relaxing to me. I get my ipod out and mow til dark, if my family will let me.

9. Which room would you like to redecorate in your home? My kitchen. We upgraded the house a while ago but we didn't touch the kitchen. It's next. I would like new appliances and new cabinet drawer pulls.

10. Do you read a newspaper regularly, or do you read most of your news on line? I read the newspaper at work, during the summer while I am off I don't look at the news at all. TV maybe

11. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Ultimately yes. Somethings we have to look back on, and then the realization hits. Choices always have consequences, whether good or bad.

12. Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? I want to do the right thing right, but sometimes I do the wrong thing right. I don't know... I am confusing myself now.

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  1. OMG! You are the female Forrest Gump! LOL!
    That's hysterical that you keep a paint stick in your car...sure wish I had thought of that when the boys were little!