Thursday, May 20, 2010

TYVM......and God Bless Ya

 B Witch Beside Me: Thank you for all your snide comments. I just want to thank the lady I sit beside 3 days per week, for all the smart ass comments you make under your breath. Thank you for making everything your business, Its wonderful to hear everyones misfortunes that you find newsworthy. I am so relieved that your life is without blemish.
The orthodontist. Thanks for making me almost choke to death today when you told me my down payment. I know you are not charging too much for your services.
Hubby: Thanks for trying to be an ass for fixing my air conditioner in my car yesterday. I know it just about killed you to ROLL off the couch yesterday to fix that for your family, I appreciate all you do for us. In advance, thanks for mowing the yard. I know that's next on your list today, after you lay on your.... all day.


  1. I hate the snide comments that some coworkers make. You can be having a perfectly good day and they can ruin it in two seconds flat. So frustrating!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I can really relate! DH acts EXACTLY the same way! Our lawn is currently up to five inches in the back (yes, I measured). I'm just sitting back waiting to see how long we have until the city fines us for it.

  3. I get so irriated with people who are judgemental. I'd love to have a look through their windows at night!

  4. Oh I totally cannot stand people that act like their life is perfect when in fact it is so not. I have an "acquaintance" like that and I want to slap her ever so kindly.

  5. First: You're blog is lookin' good!
    Second: I feel bad for you having to listen to her. I can imagine what she says when I come strolling in! Now I know why she looks over at me when I'm talking to you! :D

  6. Because you make me laugh both in the cyber world and the real world, I am bestowing upon you the Sunshine Award! Visit my Saturday post if you want to get it. I