Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Lot Of Stuff Going On... Some Good Some Bad

Where to start.......Had a good weekend. M did well in her tourney. Weather was crappy, Monday was CRAZY busy. Tuesday & Wednesday went by really fast.
I have missed doing my blog. I didn't realize how much until I haven't had time to write it.
As I have said my sister and I have had our share of problems recently. I am not sure really what started it, but she called me a bitch on my friends facebook wall. Facebook is what it is....but you don't do that crap.Well, on Tuesday night she leaves another shitty message on my wall. She left a really smart ass comment about my blog. That sends me in a tizzy. I am pissed as hell. I have ignored her and ignored her but I am too old to put up with this shit any longer. I blocked her from Twitter & Facebook. Then damned if I don't log into my blog, and she is following me so I blocked her here too.
So here is my message to you dear sister, if you are reading this:
Leave me and my family alone. Keep your comments to yourself and shut up! You have told things in the past, way in the past, that has damaged my marriage and still does. I forgave you for that. That was before and this is now. I am done with you. DONE.

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