Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks For Thinking of Me...

Mary at Life in a Small Town & Miss Teacher gave me an award! Here it is:

Thank you so much! It came with conditions, though:
Accept and thank the person who gave it to you! List 10 things about yourself List 5 additional things you DON'T like Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

So, here it goes:
About Me:
1. I have been married to my first husband for 16 years.
2. We have 3 awesome kids.
3. I have a chiweenie named Trixie, whom I absolutely adore!!
4.I feel that I have the bestestes friends in the whole world.
5.I love the sunshine, it makes you feel good inside & out!
6. I have 1 sister. I am the elder.
7.I love to read.
8.I am addicted to Diet Cokes.
9.I secretly love gas station hot dogs!! I know its yucky....
10.I laugh at inappropriate things.
1. I cannot seem to find the willpower to lose weight.
2.I hate hate hate to clean house.
3.Whiny kids annoy me to no end.
4.I worry too much.
5.I don't pray as often as I should.

Now for the 10 friends whose turn it is to take the award:
It's really hard to decide who to give it to, especially since I don't know if the 10 I pick will be interested in doing this. So, I'm going to take a chance and extend the invitation to some of my followers and some I follow:

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