Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can I do it??? I know not..??

My van is like a rolling house. You could look inside my car and find enough stuff to keep a small village alive for a month!!
M is playing tennis for her school, fall basketball practice starts next week, C is cheerleading, & P is playing football and practices every day but Wednesday. I am never home my laundry is backing up and I am worn out!! C is working until dark every night, so I am doing this by myself. Truth be known, even if he wasn't working I would still be doing all the running. I know that when my kids are gone. I will wish for these days back again, but hell, it will wear you to a nub!!
I also had my first massage today. A local chiropractor sent his massage girls to the school and gave free 15 minute massages. I am not a touchy feely person and I had to keep reminding myself to Reminding myself to relax during a massage? I am thinking I need to do it more often!!

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  1. No, you won't wish for those days to be back, you'll be thankful that they're over and wonder how in the world did you ever do it! :D