Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello, Friday...Where You Been Pal?

Hello UBP Party Hoppers!!
Whew!!! It's finally Friday. We have had state testing this week, I know teachers have had a much harder week, but the office has been CRAZY!! Kids are crazy, teachers are crazy, and staff is even CRAZIER!!! We have had the most obnoxious kids in the office because they are so obnoxious that they can't test with the other kids. My principal has even been testing so I have had to keep the office QUIET, that's been like herding elephants.
I have nothing to do all weekend. I want to repeat that because I can't believe it myself!! I HAVE NOTHING TO DO ALL WEEKEND!!
Well, I have plenty to do. I have no plans!! I am going to clean off my screened in porch, and work in the yard, and do other trivial things around the house.
My girls are GROUNDED so they are helping me. The reason they are grounded is that they will not clean their rooms after being asked to REPEATEDLY!! C was asked to go to Loretta Lynn's Motocross event, hate that. She will be cleaning. M won't care until her bff can't come over.
I have a little chuckle for you. M(my preteen) was in a mood this morning. We were on our way this morning, and one of hubbies cousins passed on the road. As he waved, I didn't recognize him so I asked M if that was her cousins car. She replies...are you ready for this???? "I don't know..I am NOT a stalker"
I started laughing, continued to laugh. The more I laughed, the madder she became. Needless to say by the time we got to school, She was pissed as hell. So, I wished her a great day and sent her on to middle school.
It's going to be a great weekend!!!!!


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  4. Crazy teachers indeed! Though I feel I have been much calmer this week than regular weeks. Go figure!

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