Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who Will Go With Me???

I want to go to Scarefest in Lexington, KY. in November.
I want to go BAD!!

I am hooked,hooked,hooked on ghost hunting shows. I love Ghost Adventures. My favorite is not Zak, but Aaron. Don't get me wrong, Zak is smoking hot, but Aaron seems more my style. You know the wierd, ugly,whatever friend. Not that Aaron is wierd or ugly, but if you have ever watched the show....He's not Zak. I can't get past Nick Groff's pointed ears. I always get the buddy. Just once, I would have liked to have the smoking hot guy. I never did. Always the buddy.
One of my besties(S) says she will go, but I am a little wary of the contents of the show. The website has Horror and/or Paranormal advertised, I don't want the horror...I just want to meet Aaron. He Lives in Vegas. For my 40th bday, I am going to Vegas, maybe I will meet him there???!!!
I am not a dark person or anything...I am just a girl hooked on ghost hunting shows.


  1. You gotta send a comment to Courtney at Haunt Jaunts. She's in Tennessee and is always looking for someone to go do ghost things with. I think her hubby is probably quite tired of being dragged along.