Friday, April 23, 2010

Whoooo Weeeeeee, Its Friday!!!

Great Scot!!!!! My husband has hurt his foot and CANNOT walk at all!! He is hobbling all over the house....he is going to drive me to the crazy house!!
Once again I don't have any plans so we are going to lay low at home. We will have ballgames up until June. I hope to visit my mom in Cali. the first part of June!!
The office has been crazy again this week....these kids are going NUTS!!! Summer break is never going to get here. We only have 18 days left, but I swear everyday wears me out!!
Well, Its been nice knowing ya'll, because after this weekend with the hubby hobbled, I will probably be in jail.

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  1. Glad to hear I am not the only one who has 'issues' with a sick or injured spouse! :-)